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Chakra Imaging AnalysisChakra Imaging AnalysisChakra Imaging Analysis

The human energy field or aura is just what it sounds like: a field of energy that surrounds and permeates every cell of your body.  It's a big, invisible cloud that you walk around in.  It is your "energy home", where you feel comfortable.

Your aura influences every aspect of your life.  What you think and do alters your aura, which in turn directly effects every area of your life, including your physical health, how others perceive you, and what opportunities or misfortunes that you attract to yourself.  These changes can occur relatively quickly - even in a matter of minutes, as issues are discussed, feelings surface and points of view shift.

The chakra imaging analysis allows visual proof of the colorful splendor and vastness of your energy field.  A variety of photos and reports can be generated for you; from simple photos to a comprehensive report, depending on the data package you select.

Your aura is made up of one or two different base harmonic frequencies (colours).  The colour, clarity and distribution of these harmonics within and throughout the aura are indicative of how you are feeling and often is a strong indicator of what issues you are dealing with.  Chakras are vortexes through which vibrations enter and leave the aura. 

Chakras are vortexes through which vibrations enter and leave the aura.  They connect you with your aura's different layers, and they touch every area of your life.

The chakra imaging analysis captures your subtle energy and chakra data through a biosensor.  This sensor then feeds the data into a computer containing a specialized software program.

The program then converts the raw electrical data into images which can be seen on the computer screen and captured in a variety of multimedia formats.  This information will provide you with invaluable insights into the state of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  It will show you what areas need to be worked and changed, to improve your quality of life.

Please note the chakra imaging analysis does not diagnose physical problems or sickness in any form whatsoever.  This program is meant as a self help and monitoring tool, and is not intended to replace in any way medical or psychological counseling by registered physician, holistic doctor or therapist.

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